Speaking parts
Narrative overlay / words / saying

︎New Futures™ 2021
︎Radical Acts 2020
︎La Perruque 2018
︎Public Announcements 2021
︎Public Announcements 2017  
︎Artwork haiku 2014
︎ Eternal situation 2013
︎The Russian Project 2012
︎The Green Text 2012

Slapstick tactics
Slapstick physicality / site-gags  / non-linguistic

︎Head case in point 2019
︎CAST 2011
︎Relative straightness 2008
︎New Diagonal 2007
︎Standard run 2007
︎The Velodrome Project 2006
︎Spirit & Muscle 2006
   + Dizzy pupil 2005

︎ Deep & Shallow 2004
︎Feeling for you 2002

Super 8 films
Movement / gesture / abstraction

︎16 x Super 8 films

About —

My projects are produced on unceded Kulin Nations Country where I work and live.

I work within the mediums of video, audio, Super 8 film, photography, live and recorded performance.
My practice examines various representational strategies, each one linked by an interest in the body and its agency within the everyday. Recurrent themes include humour and tension between received cultural values, individual agency and free will.

I am represented by Sutton Gallery in Melbourne.

Download my 2023 CV here


CAST (Artifact)
Video documentation of kinetic sculpture
0:52 duration
Documentation: John Brash


CAST (with Jennifer Allora, Hany Armanious, Richard Bell, Karla Black, Christian Boltanski, Mikala Dwyer, Dora Garcia, Charles Green & Lyndell Brown, Thomas Hirschhorn, Anastasia Klose, David Noonan, Michael Parekowhai, Grayson Perry, Stuart Ringholt, Renee So, Kathy Temin, Luc Tuymans, Angel Vergara, Catherine de Zegher)

Live performance, ACCA Pop Up Program, 54th Venice Biennale, 2011

For this performance I traveled from Melbourne to Venice with my leg in plaster. I attended the Vernissage of the 54th Venice Biennale and asked participating and well-known artists to sign my cast. I then removed the signed cast and carried it home as a sculptural work.

This project was commissioned by the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art through the ACCA Pop Up Program with support by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria.

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