The Russian Project

Boots 2012
Type C Photo, 100cm x 66cm
Photo documentation of a project in which I purchased 16 pairs of shoes across Russia and Siberia and placed (or curated) them into specific sites. The shoes were photographed in situ and then left there to be claimed by whomever might want them.

The Russian Project
Installation view, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, 2012
Photo credit: Andrew Curtis

Really thinks 2012
Spotlit plinth and diamante singlet top with the slogan 'Really thinks' from Chita in Siberia
Photo credit: Andrew Curtis

Video documentation of Window, 2012
Laser print and push pin, air from gallery ventilation system, 21cm x 29cm
Camera by Andrew Curtis

Chita monument 2012
HD video, 5:20 duration

The Russian Project 
The Russian Project featured new photographic, sculptural and video works inspired by my travels across Russia and Siberia as part of the 2012 Jane Scally Artist Award.

I videoed a Bolshevik monument in Chita, the remote Siberian town in which my ancestors fled and that my great grandfather once presided over as mayor. Items of clothing and footwear were incorporated into several works as a way of exploring individual agency and human presence.

Click here to read Andy Thomson’s catalogue essay about this work.

With special thanks to ACCA and Peter Jopling QC, patron of the Jane Scally Artist Award