Solidarity for a metaphysic
Didactic by Sary Zananiri for 'ACCA @ Mirka', curated by Juliana Engberg 2008

Laresa Kosloff¹s Solidarity for a Metaphysic explores the formal and conceptual dynamics of sport and abstraction. Continuing her interest in gesture and movement, Kosloff shows the transformation of the human body through sport. Undertaking various tasks in custom-made tracksuits, the figures play out a game, the rules of which are unclear to the viewer. The gestures and movements appear to have specific meanings, transforming the body into a set of codified positions.

Filmed within the trompe l’oeil exercise yard of a high school, Solidarity for a Metaphysic, overlays the hard edged painted background with a 3D performance filmed as a three-channel video.  Against this background, the 3D body gestures become scrutinised from three different angles.  They become complicating and ritualised.  Relationships are drawn between the bodies, acting in conjunction with, as well as against one another. Highlighting this are the sports uniforms, which at once homogenise the wearers, whilst at the same time delineating them. The one-legged pants hint at the strangeness of this environment.  Participants blend and melt together, their jumble of limbs making a visually combined sense through the design of the uniforms, which then break apart again.

The visual complexity of the abstracted playground surround become a simulation of the world and its conundrums.  The dynamic between the sporty participants are more than simple movements.  Their negotiation of the space is underpinned by a scrutiny of their performance from three perspectives in a space that already highlights them in a simulated, ultra-real world.